The goal of Cardiology Associates of Fairfield County, LLC (CAFC) is to provide diagnostic testing and consultative care, in conjunction with primary healthcare providers, to patients throughout Fairfield County, CT. We have expertise in invasive and surgical cardiovascular techniques as well as expertise in cardiac-electrophysiology. To these ends, CAFC is committed to the following concepts:

Service Excellence

Creating a culture of service excellence is the foundation for success at Cardiology Physicians. We recognize that our patients’ time is valuable; therefore, we are dedicated to providing solutions to our patients in a timely manner.


We will ensure our patients’ right to privacy by maintaining a secure and trusting environment.


Cardiology Associates of Fairfield County, LLC was formed in 1969 to provide consultative cardiology services to the patients and referring physicians in Fairfield County, CT. Today Cardiology Associates of Fairfield County, LLC (CAFC) is a practice with 21 cardiologists and 5 nurse practitioners. CAFC offers a full range of consultative and interventional cardiology services as well as arrhythmia management. The physicians at CAFC have privileges to practice at St. Vincent’s Medical Center as well as Stamford, Greenwich, Norwalk and Bridgeport hospitals. CAFC’s corporate officers have held some of the most prestigious positions in those hospitals such as Chief of Staff and Chief of Cardiology at Norwalk Hospital, Medical Director for the Health and Fitness Institute at Stamford Health System’s Tully Center, a Co-Director of the Vascular and Interventional program at St. Vincent’s Medical Center and Directors of the Catheterization Lab at Stamford Hospital.

Our 6 office locations offer spacious patient waiting areas and state of the art testing capabilities.

Cutting edge research and technology

Our physicians are leaders in the community in seeking the best care for our patients. We have been instrumental in developing new drugs and devices.


TAVR or transcatheter aortic valve replacement is a revolutionary, non-surgical procedure that is bringing new hope to cardiac patients suffering from aortic stenosis. Aortic valve replacement, the most common method for treating aortic valve stenosis, has traditionally required open-heart surgery. Our physicians, working at St. Vincent’s Medical Center, perform this non-surgical alternative, providing an option for patients who may not be candidates for open-heart surgery.

Hybrid Ablation

Hybrid ablation is a combination technique for correction of the heart arrhythmia known as atrial fibrillation or A-fib. Performed by our physicians at St. Vincent’s Medical Center in partnership with renowned cardiothoracic surgeons, hybrid ablation brings together minimally invasive “mini-maze” cardiac surgery with another non-surgical procedure known as transcatheter ablation (TCA).